What We Offer

Gamber Cleaning Services Ltd

Increasing demand for quality cleaning

Alongside Poultry cleaning services we also offer professional cleaning solutions for:

  • Industrial/Farm Buildings
  • Driveways
  • Tennis courts
  • Solar panels

Poultry Litter Ltd

Alternative to manufactured fertiliser

Poultry litter is a valuable and cost effective alternative to manufactured fertiliser. It is a versatile organic manure high in Nitrogen, phosphate and Potash (N30, P25, K18 KG/fresh tonne) providing primary nutrients as well as trace elements and organic matter not present in manufactured fertiliser. It is well suited for combinable crops, roots and forage crops, with significant benefits to farms with long arable rotations which have not yet had the benefit of livestock manure.

Litter Trading is valuable and cost effective, The benefits:

  • Improves soil organic matter
  • Beneficial to soil biology
  • Improves and maintains soil structure
  • Readily available phosphate and nitrogen improves crop establishment when incorporated into the seedbed prior to sowing eg. oilseed rape and winter wheat
  • Nutrient benefits in 2nd and subsequent years
  • Easily stockpiled and spread with conventional and rear discharge spreaders, achieving good work rates as application rates do not normally exceed 8tonne/hectare


A co-operative formed for over 40 years

In 2009 Gamber started supplying the crisping market in conjuction with three leading Herefordshire farmers forming a “grower group” called Processing Potato Growers Ltd and by 2019 the company works on behalf nineteen farmers marketing around 35,000t of potatoes – the majority to “probably” the best crisp manufacture in the world.