Gamber Logistics Limited
Supplying the crisping market.
A family of 18 Herefordshire farmers.

Patrick Lewis
Managing Director

Rob Evans
Director of Potatoes

Potato Supply Chain Management and Trading

Rob Evans joined Gamber in 2014 and has been in the potato industry for 28 years this combined with Patricks experience totals over 60 years  which is significant wealth of knowledge and expertise  with established links with processors and growers ensuring highest standards of production and quality and maintaining all year round supply for our customers. In particular they have a close relationship  and in depth understanding of their growers

Originally Gamber were involved in trading packing potatoes for 17 years but demand declined significantly by 2010. Growers had identified opportunities to supply the crisping market in 2009  and this resulted in the creation of Processing Potato Growers involving 18 growers supplying one the best crisp producers in the UK  based in Herefordshire. The business has expanded and now supplies 30,000 tonnes .

Potatoes for crisping

Gamber also offers chipping and ware potatoes.

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A step by step guide to growing potatoes

This is a beautifully shot short film presented by Patrick Lewis (Managing Director) Gamber Logistics.

The film explains the intricate production process from Seed to customer.