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Adrian Griffiths

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Poultry Cleaning Manager

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Poultry Cleaning is managed by Adrian Griffiths and started with one poultry producer  in 2011. Initially Gamber engaged Ryan Poultry based in Norfolk renown for the highest standards and 20 years of experience in the industry to provide the initial training and specialist equipment to ensure Gamber deliver  the highest standards.  The business has now expanded with 38 poultry customers covering 75 sites in Herefordshire and surrounding counties.

The annual floor area cleaned is over 3.2 million square metres the equivalent to 456 football pitches plus the walls and roofspaces . This specialist service provides careful litter clearing which protects floors and walls before loading into farm trailers or HGVs prior to washing.  Washing is carried out using specialist Crane pumps delivering 3000 psi via pin jet for walls, cracks in floors, roofspace, strings and cables, the adjustable nozzle is used for feeders and drinkers and the hand lance for floors. Our pumps are fitted with a chemical injection system to ensure accurate application of detergents as recommended and leaving for the required soak time before washing with fresh water. Disinfection follows using a purpose built Atom sprayer fitted with an orchard fan powered misting head which ensures application to run off on all surfaces within the building ensuring maximum efficacy.

In addition the cleaning team is able to undertake Full Cleansing and Disinfection  following a notifiable disease outbreak working closely with DEFRA and APHA (Animal & Plant Health Authority) employing the highest standards of bio security and intensive cleaning/disinfection protocols to ensure positive outcomes for the owners and the industry as a whole.

The cleaning team are also available to undertake cleaning in other situations. Solar Panels, Livestock Buildings, Equine and Sports facilities. We can supply a complete or specific service to suit customer requirements and pride ourselves with attention to detail though out the whole process.

Atom sprayer for efficient disinfection

Specialist cleaning for:

Industrial/Farm Buildings
Tennis Courts & Solar Panels

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Shed blowing prior to washing

Washing drinkers with adjustable nozzle

Floor washing with hand lance

Forecourt washing

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