The Benefits of Poultry Litter:

Improves soil organic matter
Beneficial to soil biology
Improves soil structure
Easily stockpiled and spread

Nigel Berry
Director​ of Poultry Litter

Dean Llewellyn
Poultry Litter Sales

Mark Hammond
Poultry Litter Sales

Hanna Clarkson

Litter Trading

Poultry Litter Sales and Purchasing

Nigel Berry is responsible for litter trading following the retirement of Mark Godsall who has served the industry for over 25 years.
Nigel worked with Mark for seven years is FACTS qualified and based in the Cotswolds, he will be assisted by Dean Llewellyn who is based at Hereford. They  will be selling poultry litter and other livestock manures and composts and  able to supply litter to AD Plants, Composters, and Growers. Comprehensive prices and prompt payment terms are available for purchased litter. Detailed records are maintained and available for full audit trails required by the industry as well as a comprehensive management package including environmental management, care  and storage of manures, transport and spreading to land as a fertilizer.
Road haulage can be provided either by tractors and trailers, HGV Bulk Tippers or Walking Floors.
Please contact Nigel Berry for all sales and purchases on 07718 427440

The Benefits of Poultry Litter

Poultry litter applied at 8 tonnes per hectare (3T/acre) will provide the following plant available nutrients in the first year: Nitrogen 72kg/ha, Phosphate 120 kg/ha, Potash 130kg/ha plus beneficial levels of sulphur, magnesium and other macro and micro nutrients.

  • Improves soil organic matter.
  • Beneficial to soil biology.
  • Improves and maintains soil structure.
  • Readily available phosphate and nitrogen improves crop establishment when incorporated into the seedbed prior to sowing eg. oilseed rape and winter wheat.
  • Nutrient benefits in 2nd and subsequent years.
  • Easily stockpiled and spread with conventional and rear discharge spreaders, achieving good work rates as application rates do not normally exceed 8tonne/ha.


Litter can be collected or delivered using a tractor and trailer, bulker or walking floor.

The 2023 Gamber Poultry Litter Team


Improves Soil
Beneficial To Soil Biology
Nutrient Benefits
Easily Stored

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Litter spreading onto seed bed

Litter top dressing

Litter stockpiled for feed stock for Anareobic Digestor

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